Camo List

Camo List was created to disguise the names of contacts in your phone with fake names.

How it works

  1. Choose a contact
  2. Go to edit mode and add a fake name
  3. Once saved, you will see a list of contacts with an on or off switch.

On Mode

When the switch is on a fake name will appear when you get a call or message from that contact.

Off Mode

The off switch will present you with their real name when they contact you.

The Camo List voice mail and messages will only be accessible when you enter your password, which can be created in the settings menu.

Benefits of using Camo List

  1. Protecting a Client
  2. HR Non-Disclosure Clause
  3. Personal Identity Protection

To enter the Camouflage list touch the person icon in the lower left hand corner of the Stealth Mode screen. Your contact list will appear. Select the contact you wish to camouflage and enter a fake name and fake phone number. This contact will appear on a new screen with the original name and the fake name & number. There is an on and off switch to the right – you touch that to turn the camouflage on or off.

Please note: With the free version of Stealth Mode, you can only camouflage five contacts, whereas the $.99 version has an unlimited number of contacts that can be camouflaged.