Black List

Black List was created to cover up caller/messenger ID’s and phone numbers.

How it works

  1. Choose a contact
  2. Go to edit mode and add them to the black list, then slide the switch to add contact to black list
  3. Once saved, you will see a list of contacts with a black list symbol underneath
  4. To stop all unwanted calls go to setting in Stealth Mode enter your password then click the box to blacklist unknown numbers

You can choose whether the black listed contacts will notify you or not when a message or call has come in.

Benefits of using Black List

  1. Saving Time
  2. Managing Availability
  3. Organizing Personal and Professional Life

To access the black list you touch the clipboard in the bottom center of the Stealth Mode screen, your contact list will appear with a switch to the right side. You touch the switch to turn it on or off. In the on position that contact is blacklisted, your phone will not ring and that call will go directly to voice mail.

Please Note:  The free version of Stealth Mode you can only black list five contacts, whereas the $.99 version has an unlimited number
of contacts that can be black listed and there is a switch that will send all incoming calls that are not on your contact list straight to voice mail, thus sending all robo calls to voice mail