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The convenient thing about cellphones is that you can use them to contact anyone from anywhere at any time. The inconvenient thing about cellphones is that other people can use them to contact you anywhere at any time, including when you’re in the middle of an important business meeting or spending quality time with your family.

It’s especially annoying when that person trying to contact you isn’t even really a person, but a robot trying to sell you something you don’t want. That’s why our team at Stealth Mode App has designed an app to block robocalls.

How It Works

You can put each one of your contacts on one of three lists: White, Black, and Camouflage. You can turn each list on and off, depending on where you are and what kind of privacy setting your current situation requires.

The White List is the default setting. Contacts on this list trying to call or text you will show up with their normal name and number, and your phone will notify you that they are trying to contact you. This is the default setting, and you don’t need to do a single thing to put your contacts on this list.

The Black List is handy for when you want to avoid phone calls from robots, telemarketers, or surveyors. It sends all incoming calls straight to voice mail even when you still have your phone turned on, thus allowing you to still make all the phone calls and send all the texts you need.

The Camouflage List is where things get really stealthy. It allows you to create a fake name and number for any of your contacts. When your Camo List is turned on, these contacts show up by their fake identity, allowing you to keep their real identity a secret from whomever you happen to be with.

This is more than just a helpful tool to keep your personal life hidden from the people around you. It can also be used to protect your clients’ identity or to keep other sensitive, work- or home-related information private.

Try It Out

Whether you want to block calls from robot telemarketers or need a way to keep your contacts’ real names and numbers from showing up on your phone, the Stealth Mode App has what you’re looking for.

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Three Primary Features

The security app has three primary features to help keep your information disguised and personal.
Note: You must set up a password to use features.

White List

White list will preserve all contacts you want to remain unaffected. Meaning they will not be blacklisted or camouflaged with a fake name.

Black List

Black list takes care of those unwanted conversations by sending the call straight to voice mail.

Camo List

Camo List is all about Stealth. Select a contact and create a fake name.

Main Page

The main page will let you quickly see your list of contacts, switch between real and fake names, and see if they are black or white listed

Settings Page

Visit the settings page in the security app to create a Pin number, ask for help, and to revisit the Tutorial.

Free Version

5 Camouflaged ID’s
5 Contacts can be Black Lists

99¢ Version

Unlimited Camouflaged ID’s
Unlimited Black List Functionality
Unknown callers can be sent to voice mail

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